View Full Version : San Diego Winemaking Shop

01-26-2014, 01:35 PM
Since I have been buying my mead and wine making supplies online when I can not find them in a local homebrew shop, I was really pleased yesterday when I discovered a local San Diego shop dedicated to wine (and cheese) making: Curds and Wine (http://www.curdsandwine.com/About/)

They have an Introduction to Mead Making (http://www.curdsandwine.com/news/1111/introduction-to-mead-making-workshop-sunday-3-30-14-1-pm.html) class coming up in March and allow you to make and bottle your wine on-site if you do not have the equipment at home. I knew that I was in a good place when I walked in the front door to see racks of carboys full of fermenting wine. They offer several winemaking seminars and classes.

As you would expect, the products and knowledge are more suited to mead making than a shop that is geared towards beer brewing. I can not believe that this store has been around the corner from me for so long and I never knew it. I have to thank that homebrew shop owner who saw me buying wine bottle shrink capsules in his store and asked if I was familiar with Curds and Wine.

If ordering online, you are probably better off with one of the larger online retailers, but I am glad to have found a local merchant to support here in San Diego.