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02-27-2014, 10:09 PM
Hey all.

I just wrapped up an Irish ale using WLP004, and have a bunch of washed yeast left over. I'm planning on doing another batch of beer with it (stout of some sort, or a porter maybe... I haven't decided), but I also am planning on making a cyser and a melomel next.

I have a bunch (20lbs?) of kirkland clover honey (not the greatest stuff, but I'm a newbie here, don't wanna shell out for the good stuff yet ) a packet of some D47, some blackberries, strawberries, and apple cider!

Here's my plan for some 1 gallon batches...

- Remove a few (3-4?) cups of cider from glass gallon jug
- Add clover honey to SG ~1.085-1.095 (most of the aeration/agitation may be accomplished here...)
- add 1/2-3/4 tsp yeast nutrient
- pitch ~1/2 cup of washed wlp004 slurry.
- aerate via agitation
- - add 1/4 tsp yeast nutrient every day for first 4 days, and agitate to degass.
- - - bottle when clear and fermentation has stopped (checking via gravity readings... etc)

Melomel Plan:

- Puree ~1lb of blackberries, ~1.5 lbs of strawberries, add to 1gal carboy
- Add ~2.5 lbs of honey (should add ~87.5 gravity points?)
- add 1/2-3/4 tsp yeast nutrient
- add ~1/2 cup washed wlp004 slurry
- top off with water to reach 1 gal.
- aerate via agitation
- - add 1/4 tsp yeast nutrient every day for first 4 days, and agitate to degass.
- - - bottle when clear... etc etc...

Am I completely missing the idea here? Or should these recipes relatively work as I'm planning..? I'm not sure how many gravity points blackberry & strawberry puree would add, though I'm fine with the melomel ending slightly sweeter (1.010-15??). I believe I read somewhere that the WLP004 has between 8-12% alcohol tolerance, so I might end up with much higher gravities than I intended, as I'm shooting for ~11% potential alcohol in the beginning.

I'm perfectly comfortable with messing these up as well, but I just want to make sure I'm not doing something obviously incorrect, and I would love to experiment with an ale yeast in something other than an ale... And save the d47 for a few experiments down the road.

Tips, criticism, high hopes, good wishes, are all accepted!

Much obliged.

02-27-2014, 11:03 PM
Since you're going to work with recycled yeast, I'd recommend doing an acclimated starter, just to ensure that the osmotic shock doesn't compromise your yeasties. Also, make sure there are no preservatives in that apple juice, or your ferment may stall out early.