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03-04-2014, 05:17 PM
Hi Guys, i think i possibly posted these questions before months ago, but coudlnt see how to easily find my old posts to see if there was a response, so ill just ask again if you dont mind!

I made my first batch of mead last year, and it must be around 6-7 months aged now (i think), and it appears to have gone well. i started it in a big plastic 5 gallon drum racking it a couple of times and eventually to a 5 galon glass carboy, here it stayed for around 3 months aging and then i racked it into 5 1 gallon demijons, i have used campdem tablets, but nothing else other than water yeast and honey.

the mead tastes good, like a dry white wine infact which was a suprise to me as id only ever tasted sickly sweet meads from Lindisfarne and Moniack. so im happy with its dryness...

1) the mead i am about to bottle, do you recommend doing anything else to it? its been in corked demijohns for a while withouth airlocks, so i think its fairly stable.

2) the fifth Demijohn which is only half full (as i lost some in the racking) i want to use to make a experimental spiced melomel (thinking apple raspberries and cinnamon or similar) whats the best ingredients/method to acheive this at this late stage? i dont want to dilute the alchohol strength much, so was thinking to used some kind of natural condensed flavouring if it exists?... also id love for it to have a red raspberry (blood) colour as it will suit the name i plan on giving it.

(please note i am in Scotland so if possible avoid US brand names and tell me the actual type of product you mean, otherwise i may get rather confused and/or be unable to find what your talking about)

3) if i add fruit/syrup and spices etc, which effectively will be backsweetening it i guess... will this mean it may start fermenting again? if so whats my best way to prevent this?

Chevette Girl
03-04-2014, 10:39 PM
How to find your old threads - go to search, advanced search, then look for the option where you can select threads started by a particular user, put your name in there, go.

And when you find it, you can use the Thread Tools to mark it as a favourite so you can find it again. I tag all my brewlogs as favourites or else I'd never find anything! :)

1) if it's gone dry and it's stable and it's been stable for 6 months, you're probably safe to bottle. Safer would be to hit it with another campden tablet per gallon plus some potassium sorbate, you'll have to check your package but if I recall, it's usually a dose of around 1/2 tsp per gallon.

2) Adding some crushed raspberries won't screw TOO badly with your alcohol content, and they do pack quite a flavour punch. Spices is easy, just drop them in, sanitize in a campden tablet solution before adding them if you're neurotic about sanitizaiton. If you go with any kind of extract, even the natural ones, you risk it tasting artificial. If you think it will kick up fermentation again, use pressed raspberry juice sweetened with honey to your original specific gravity and then it will ferment out again to the same alcohol content.

3) It might start up again, the campden tab will long since have become inactive... Potassium sorbate plus campden tablet is the best way to prevent something you backsweeten from kicking back up into active fermentation.

Good luck!

03-05-2014, 03:14 AM
Plus don't fret too much on US market brands, there's a few of us here who've already done that and can point you in the right direction........