View Full Version : Diff Apples for Cyser

04-01-2014, 04:38 PM
Do you prefer a type of apple cider when you make a cyser or do you just get what ever you can get your hands on? Do you prefer a tart apple or a sweet apple?

Marshmallow Blue
04-01-2014, 05:06 PM
I go with Tart apples when I can get them. If you pick you own, go really early in the season (like August) and they are pretty much all tart. I think when you buy cider in the store its a blend of tart and sweet apples.

04-01-2014, 05:30 PM
yeah when ive bought it in the past its pretty much whatever they have "laying" around. Next season i do plan on picking my own and i like the early in the season idea. ty

04-01-2014, 08:55 PM
When I was a kid we used to get fresh pressed cider and it was so tart it would sting your tongue a bit. That was the best.

04-01-2014, 09:01 PM
I made some cyser a few weeks ago with cider from the farmers market which seems to be all sweet, no tart. It wasn't my idea, but I think I'll slip it some malic acid at some point.