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05-09-2014, 12:47 AM
Hi all would just like to say that since old postings I"ve bottled several a sweet mead, chokcherry and raspberry melomel. All very delicious and thanks to everyones help.

Now I have two new batches going another mead and blueberry melomel.

THe blueberry I cold crashed right at 1.002 but it was still in the primary. I then racked it onto 5 campden tablets and potassium sorbate. But I had also used 5 campden tablets when I mixed the must. I was told to always sulphite when addding potassium sorbate. So am I going to have really high sulphite levels? Usually I sulphite every second racking as a rule of thumb I once read. Could I just not sulphite the next racking after it clears and levels should be good??

Second question: . I read a couple books and lots of info prior to this new hobby and they all said to rack the mead from an open primary to carboy after a week or so. I did this my first three batches but is it really necessary? Even in my current situation I'm waiting to cold crash the mead (its lagging pretty slowly behind the blueberry) Cant I just finish it in the primary rack it onto campden tablets and sorbate just like I did with the blueberry? Is there an important reason some people and books say to do that? I decided its just extra work!!

05-09-2014, 02:25 AM
First Q ? Sulphites used before fermentation are there to kill off any wild yeasts present on the fruit that goes into the must (you wouldn't routinely sulphite a traditional - if the fruit is clean, you don't need to sulphite but some like to as belt and braces level caution).

You have to let sulphited must sit for 24 to 48 hours to dissipate the sulphites, so they aren't detrimental to the wine yeast.

Second Q ? Irrespective of whether you primary in a bucket or drum or carboy fermenter (buckets are recommended for mels as there's a greater risk of foaming/eruption with fruit pulp present), you can leave it as primary until fermentation is complete as you are less likely to create conditions for a late stage stuck ferment.......

05-09-2014, 11:14 AM
So basically it doesn't matter it's only personal preference.

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05-09-2014, 03:38 PM
So basically it doesn't matter it's only personal preference.

If the fruit is good when you're preparing it - say picking anits not a problem to the yeast wben it gets pitched..... stalks, maybe pip/pit removal or just trimming off any moldyor bruised bits, then you can just rinse it in sulphites, drain and freeze etc

Most juices are ok to not need to bother. Honey shouldnt need it either.

if you want to me mega cautious as some do then just leave the sulphites to dissipate. Some stirring of the must helps to remove the sulphur down to where it won't cause a problem to the yeast when pitched.......