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06-07-2014, 10:46 PM
Hi guys,

I have a recent batch of mead that was cold crashed weeks ago then stabilized with cd tablets and sorbate.

THing is I stabilized it late at night after a long day of working and I may have miscounted the sorbate.
So long story short I've either got 4.5 tsp or 5.5 tsp in there.

Now when I first did it, it started to clear right away, I could see it clear half way down and then it got cloudy again.

Now its been degassing for weeks literally as the unheated building I have it in started to warm up (spring is here)

I racked it again last night just to help it degas( I dont own a degasser yet). The bubbles pretty much were gone.
Now today there is slow bubbling again.

Its been probably a month. S.G has gone from 1.0 to .998. Now this amount could be reading error or a change due to temperature difference.

Does anyone else experience alot of degassing after cold crash and stabilizing?

Is it fermenting again? What should I do to be safe?

ALso can this long term degassing after a cold crash give off bad flavours or make the mead hot?

I have a chokecherry melomel. It degassed for a long time too and its noticeably hot. Burns the toungue and as it goes down.

Now this mead when I cold crashed it at 1.000 was very very nice. Now its hot. So i'm wondering is it a better practice just to degas because the excess co2 in the mead for along time makes it hot or produces off flavours??

06-09-2014, 09:58 PM
I don't know what your mead is doing. I also think you might have used too much sorbate, even though you did not state your batch size. Or maybe I use little. However, whether it is degassing or still very slowly fermenting you both need to wait patiently. A mead which is not degassed may only hinder clearance as far as I know. Also excess Co2 could make it seem more acidic. But I wouldn't think of this as burning or off. I usually rack as normal after fermentation completes and do not fret about it. I think most of the time a mead degases on its own

06-09-2014, 11:40 PM
batch size was 5 gallons. sorbate is 1 tsp or tbsp(can't remember right now) per gallong. I was way over tired and when I was doing it I lost count so I added 1/2 measure. Thats why I said I've either got 4.5 measures or 5.5.

Pretty brutal error I know. But what does a person do in my situation if there is a renewed fermentation?

06-19-2014, 01:51 AM
I really need some of the old vets to chime in on this one.

It's been degassing for weeks. And now I've been degassing it with a wine wisp and it still bubbling. The s.g could be moving but very very slowly.

Where is everyone? Out Enjoying summer?

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