View Full Version : AHA mead day today, Aug 2nd, 2014

08-02-2014, 09:40 PM
I spent the day trying to hit most of the mead producing sites in SE Michigan.

Superior Lakes : interesting little place
DragonMead : fruit meads seem to be their best
Kuhnhenn's : only tried one, missed the release party, interesting...everyone raves about their french toast mead
Bnektar : doing interesting braggots and barrel aged meads
Schramm's : Schramm's
Liberty Street : Switched to seesion IPA, rather then their mead because I needed to drive myself home....
My basement... :)

Having tried Ken's nutmeg mead, I think I need to try a version of his recipe this fall when I start some more mead...
Nutmeg was a little hard to pick out of the spicey mixture of niceness, but very drinkable. His Mambo in the mouth and Plum were
also very nice.