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08-07-2014, 07:26 PM
Hey all. I've been lurking for a little while now, but thought I'd say hi and thanks for all of the advice / tips.

I made several 1g batches of different meads over the last year based off of the suggestions here and things turned out okay. I bottled my first batch of my own recipe last month, and while I was going to let the bottles sit for a year or so, I think I've given away 5 or 6 bottles and drank several myself. I'm not sure any of it is going to last the year. It is a lemon ginger mead with orange blossom honey that sounded good for next spring / summer. Seems to be pretty good for this summer instead.

Since the waiting on the lemon ginger mead isn't working out well, I'm making a 5g batch of blackberry mead that I'm going to try to ignore for a while. It's 3 weeks in, I've racked it off the lees once, and the bubbles have slowed down a lot.

How often do you all make a mead that is really drinkable after only a month or so? The lemon ginger fermented all the way in about a month and I stabilized it, filtered it and bottled it right away. It's a bit "hot" but I think the lemon flavor covers that real well. I'm definitely going to make it again when I get a chance. Luckily I saved very detailed notes on it.

Well, thanks again for helping with my favorite hobby. :)

08-07-2014, 09:18 PM
Have you been trying the BOMM protocol? Those are very drinkable at 30 days. They get better...much better after 40 days and a good cold crash/finings and filtering. Also check the "Perfect BOMM" which is a little longer, but still a very quick mead.