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11-16-2014, 02:57 PM

So it seems to me that the general consciences around here is that it takes practice to become a good mazer. I want to make a 5 gallon batch of BOMM. I can follow a recipe to the letter with no problem. I understand and practice good sanitation techniques. I also understand step feeding and so forth.

So my question is this. If one follows these things without deviating what might be some things a newsier might, or might not do to mess things up? It seems like in a general sense newbies are suggested to "practice" on one gallon batches for a while.

I haven't yet been doing this long enough to have harvested any of my batches but they are seemingly all doing well so far. The ones that should be clearing are doing just that and I have tasted everything along the way when I'm racking and they all taste ok and others actually taste pretty good already.

I want to make a BOMM for Christmas and was just wondering what I should know that is not in the written material.



11-16-2014, 06:24 PM
Your water will have a profound effect on the final product. So always make sure the water you get tastes good. If you can get your hands on the same spring water (ozark?) rose uses, do so.

It's important not to let the fermenter get hotter than 70 degrees if you want to drink it quickly. My first batches were hot ones and even though the taste was good, after going to temperature controlled fermenting, the difference was impressive.

Other than that, follow the BOMM protocol and you will make tasty mead quickly! One last thing, make the simple BOMM first. The perfect BOMM does take a little longer.

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Chevette Girl
11-16-2014, 06:33 PM
My very first batch of anything was a 5 gal wine kit and my thought was, "30 bottles? How am I going to drink all that? And OMG this takes a long time to clean and de-label and fill and cork that many bottles... and this carboy's frigging heavy to move around for racking..."

So I did a bunch of 1 gallon batches and found out they really didn't make a lot of wine per batch... Then I bought a 3 gallon carboy and found that was about the perfect size... not only could I lift it, but it made about a case of wine and that was just right until I got my brewing space all set up again. Now I generally only do 1 gal batches for experiments or rare/expensive ingredients (or JAO's because they're just fun).

Now I do a whole bunch of different sized batches depending on fruit and honey availability and space constraints.

If you feel like you're ready, go for your 5 gal BOMM. The early-on batches are good for working out the bugs for things like learning how to rack and bottle, how to manage your sanitation, etc.