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12-27-2014, 01:40 PM

So I have several batches (20) gallons or so, of different things. All of them are fairly close to the same age/progress as I only started a few months back. I read where things move like a co-sign as a mead ages. I have also been reading like crazy how to make different adjustments to counter balance differences.

I am unsure if I need to be doing much at this point. I feel an urge to. But I suspect that is my impatience manifesting it's self. I have to constantly tell my self to take it easy. A few days, weeks, even months doesn't really matter in the time frame we're dealing with. I think maybe I feel I need to start doing something because I don't want to wait for ever for it to start to clear and then muck things up by adding clouds into the process.

Do you have a general rule of thumb as to when/how you start moving towards a finished product?

Just so you know. All my things are at a point where all of the gross lees are gone. Some things have a fine dust left in the carboys right now. Some of the ones that were made with 71B I have racked a few more times more than my BOMMs because I read that yeast is not one to sit on.

In general most of everything I think is ok, or even pretty good. As far as my newbee noise/mouth can tell. Mostly I still have things that are way to tart. Tart cherries, raspberries, mango ect. And then some are a bit too sweet. And a cyser that I'm not even really sure what it should taste like. Right now it's wayyyyy to clovey.

Any way. It would be nice to hear from you guys /gals that have been at it a while.



12-27-2014, 04:33 PM
I am unsure if I need to be doing much at this point. I feel an urge to.

When this happens to me, I end up buying a new carboy. Then I get in trouble from the wife, sit on it for a few days, think about what to make; once the storm passes I buy the honey, get in trouble again, sit on it for a few more days... Making a batch has turned into a lengthy process for me, but that helps pass the time.

12-27-2014, 06:09 PM
{Joe} --> Picturing "sitting on a carboy" for a couple of days. <shudder> ;)

Medsen Fey
12-28-2014, 11:30 AM
For me, I start thinking about tweaks after about 6 months or more, and after things have cleared. Then I get a better idea of what I have, and can decide if adding acids, or oak, or blending, or backsweetening, or whatever, may be beneficial. You can test each of these things a glass at a time to see what gets you closer to your goal. As a newer mead-crafter, you may not be certain about your goal. My advice is trust your palate - when it tastes better, it is better, and you'll know when it tastes better.

Good meading!