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02-15-2015, 07:50 PM
I not only make mead, am interested in bees, beekeeping, etc... But I also have a few friends that are so interested in the bees that part of their college education is dedicated to them in all kinds of ways (they also want a hive or two when they buy a property). Here's what up for us:

Our friend just got back from a 5 day conference on bee genetics in Utah and stopped in for a few minutes before she had to head out due to college stuff. She will be dropping back by on Tuesday evening for dinner and a grilling by us about the conference. It was dealing with all kinds of aspects of the bee genome, with one that really caught my ear: Bee genetics and their complete lack of any genes to handle environmental toxins of any type. There are a host of others as well, because as I said, it was a 5 day conference.

That also happens to be the night that our other friend who works at the brewery will be having dinner with us, both of them have known each other quite a while so it'll be a great dinner. When I find out more about the conference and some of the stuff being bandied about by the geneticists I'll report back in this thread.

02-16-2015, 03:39 AM
Cool. Would be nice if Brother Adam could have been there

02-18-2015, 12:26 PM
Not gonna lie. Clicked on this because I thought it read, "BEE GEES CONFERENCE" ;D Seriously, this is a vital topic. I watched two or three of the Netflix documentaries about the threats facing bees and their continued existence. I must say I was worried. This topic needs top be addressed and also needs serious scientific study. Sounds like your friend is on the right path. Please keep us posted and get your friend on this site. His scientific findings would be greatly appreciated.