View Full Version : For what ever it's worth!

05-15-2015, 12:58 AM
So I played a little tonight with a JOAM that I made way to sweet in October of last year. I split the batch in half. I used an Acid Blend with one gallon and I used a tincture that I made a few months back in the other. The tincture was made with a nice vodka and some sage. I think I actually like the results of the sage better than the acid blend. It had very similar results but the sage was more complex and more "earthy". Maybe less chemically tasting is another way to put it. I may not have called the acid blend "chemically" tasting had I not know it was added. I'm wondering if I would recognize either of the two additions and call them by name. Pretty sure if I added more/enough of the sage it would be very pronounced. As it is with just the right amount it had affect without being readily identifiable.