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05-27-2015, 09:34 PM
So I started out intending to make a 3 gallon batch of pomegranate wine. I feed it as such and continued to add more juice until it's finally going to end up being a 5 gallon batch. If I would have feed it from the start as a 5 gallon batch I would have ended up feeding it one more TBSP of Fermaid-O. I'm way past the halfway point and I don't know if I should feed it or not. I used 71-b. It has chewed up 92 points.
I have added 3 TBSP of Go-ferm. Had I knew I was going to make a 5 gallon batch from the start I would have figured to feed it 4 TBSP of Fermaid-O

It's pretty far into the fermentation and I don't know if I should feed it or not. Do any of you have any input?

It smells nice but I have had, at times, things turn a bit smelly at the near end of it's journey.

05-27-2015, 09:40 PM
What was the SG, how much did you feed, and the current gravity. IF you choose to feed, Fermaid O is the only likely option.

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05-27-2015, 10:36 PM
Nice to see you back LOR. Congrats on your new home.

I decided to try a different protocol and only feed Fermaid-O

I read this and decided to try it http://www.meadmaderight.com/info.html

So I started at 1000 and I fed 1 TBSP at first sign of fermentation.

I feed a second TBSP 24 hours later and bumped it back up to 1100

My 1/3 was at 1067. I had planned to feed all of the food (4 TBSP) by then

I flew past that and my next check was down to 1054 So I feed it my third TBSP

It went down more but my notes got a drop of must on it so I can't read where that mark had went to.

I added more concentrate back up to 1028.

During all that I added more pom juice here and there. When I checked each new hydro meter I had added juice and/or sugar to get to that mark.

This is messiest log for sure. I thought I could remember better than I have been able to. I had notes in 2 different note books and on 1 piece of tape on my carboy after I had transferred the must from a bucket to the carboy. Both the tape and 1 page of notes got splashed on a bit as I have been keeping my temps around 64 by keeping my container in the tub full of water and the windows open at night.

05-27-2015, 10:42 PM
So I'm not sure how to manage my math when I added more volume at different points along the way. So the best I could figure on this one was to just add up the point drops from the start and looked at it as that many points in a 5 gallon batch. My one measure that got blotted out is the missing point in the above. I think that's only another 14 points or so. So I'm thinking I have already eaten up 100 - 110 points. With that said, I should be very close to my little guys croaking. That's why I'm unsure if I should feed some or not.

This batch's brew log is a real sh** show.

Chevette Girl
05-27-2015, 11:12 PM
I think Fermaid-O should be safe to add after the halfway point, if I recall correctly it's DAP that the yeast can't use past a certain point. If you weren't using Fermaid-O, I'd be suggesting adding some nuked bread yeast. Giving it some more Fermaid-O shouldn't hurt if you're worried about late-fermentation stinkies.