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06-16-2015, 04:33 PM
Hello all. So I don't have a stir plate. I have read (stir it often), what does this mean exactly? Are we talking like every ten minutes? What about overnight, during work? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.

06-16-2015, 06:13 PM
If you just stir it every time you walk past it that should be ok.

06-16-2015, 07:32 PM
That's what I heard and read. What about when I am at work for 9-10 hrs? Will it still be OK? I would be willing to set an alarm in the middle of the night to stir it if needed, but can't help work.

06-16-2015, 08:50 PM
Would an electric ice cream maker work?

06-19-2015, 03:08 PM
It will be fine. I've made starters that I never shook and they worked fine as well. Granted you have your ideal (stir plate) your lazy or poor (me) where you stir it as often as you can and your noob or super lazy (both still me) versions where you just put all the starter ingredients in the flask and suddenly remember you wee supposed to pitch YESTERDAY but work was crazy and you fell asleep watching Dr Who's early black and white TV shows and you stir it up at the last moment and pitch it and it still makes good mead. Chevette Girl got a sample of the one that started that third way.

So relax and have a homebrew.

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06-21-2015, 04:24 PM
Thanks all. I guess my awnser us stir if you can, if not let it go another one or two days.