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08-20-2015, 06:05 PM
I hope this in this right place (I'm super new to this forum). I want to shower you with praise, even if my meads turn out to be terrible. Ha!

A little background: My real name is Morgan. I'm from the Everglades (born and raised on the swamp water of FL/G/SC/NC). I now live in sunny San Diego, the homebrew capitol of the USA. I'm a creative professional (painter, writer, gardener, competitive body painter) and have been obsessed with Celtic and Norse lore since I was a kid. So of course I've dreamed of mead—fantasized about it, really. Tasted it at the good ol' Renfest, in the bottle by places like California Mead, and have sampled the homemade stuff a-plenty from friends and at burns on both coasts, Alchemy and Euphoria on the East and Burning Man on the West.

I'm also big on homesteading—have been brewing kombucha for years, and making my own fermented foods. Made limoncello once—but none of that is anything compared to brewing mead!

So, thanks to all of your help, experiments, advice, recipes, insights, hard-earned expertise, senses of humor and straight-up optimism, I was inspired to brew my own mead. You guys make it look easy—aka, even when it's not, your gregarious instincts made me feel ready to tackle it.

My first batches were started in 1-gallon glass jugs. They are 3 weeks along now and about ready for racking. They seem super happy, and stopped bubbling a few days ago.

1. Hydromel with lemon and ginger, golden raisin
2. Melomel with pear, white grape juice, golden raisin
3. Melomel with strawberry and jalapeño (This one already has a name: The Wee Bastard. Because it fermented so strongly that my first ever MEA managed to splatter 10 feet of ceiling, and two cats.)

These recipes were my inspiration:

So, huge props to users Chevette Girl, MKSHFR, Lampie, DoctorBatman, Will (Of Storm the Castle), Oskaar and many, many others that continued to poke holes, question, help, explore, document it all for the rest of us…. and of course, DRINK!!

Y'all are awesome.

I’m excited to continue learning and exploring. Starting 3 new batches this weekend after I rack the elders!



08-20-2015, 07:44 PM
Welcome to the addiction.

You're in a great city, I lived there myself for many years.

If you're at burning man this year, look out for the bugs and if you can find him a friend named Sean Morris, he should have a brand new wife and a lot of mead with him.

So Congratulations on what sounds like your first of hopefully many successful batches.