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08-24-2015, 12:07 AM
Hi guys!

I started a rhubarb mel on june 7,2015. 3 gallons. My first time...

-9 lbs of chopped rhubarb(measured after taken out of freezer)
-8 lbs of clover honey
-2 cups of brown sugar
-2 cups of jasmin tea
-1 tsp of pectic enzyme
-2 tsp of yeast nutrient
-1 tsp of grape tannin

warmed water on stove at about 110 F and added honey mixed. then added tea and yeast nutrient as it cooled...
added to my 6 gallon pale and mixed in pectic enzyme and grape tannin as when it cooled. I then added 2 campden tablets. OG=1.110(roughly as i remember or around 15% potential alcohol)

next day i pitched 1 package of k1-v1116 yeast.

fermentation went well and smelled great. Racked to secondary after about 2 weeks when gravity read roughty 1.00(I recorded it a day later by memory)

I just looking for confirmation all is well cause when i tasted it on this last rracking it was very weak flavoured with a slight taste of rhubarb and a bit more acidic then i like and smell a little funky(not the rhubarb smell i expected).
Is this normal with rhubarb melomel at roughly the 3 month mark.
I am thinking I should just leave it for about 3 months now before I bottle and hope it improves overall. Thoughts anyone?

08-27-2015, 02:38 PM
I made a rhubarb mel last year (maybe the year before last) that went dry & had a huge pucker factor to it, it has to do with the oxalic acid in the rhubarb. Unless you can precipitate them our you will probably need a little back sweetening.

Also 3 months is very young for a mead, most of us on here either bulk age it for 1 or more years, bottle then age, or bulk age then bottle & continue aging...

Most any mead or wine under 1 year (exceptions are the BOMM & JAOM) won't taste very good, at least until all of the integration &mellowing occur during 1 or more years of being undisturbed.

Also be careful when you bottle as I & others have had problems with the rhubarb mel turning brown from oxidation or bleached by sulfites. I'm not the expert there so you need advice form some of the more experienced people on here to chime in on that one...