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09-13-2015, 10:05 PM
As a beekeeper, I've got access to a lot of honey with a good bit of variety. I've got a few 5 gallon batches going. I want to get a few more going and avoid dumping a carboy down the drain while experimenting with the different honeys and yeast.

I've got Lalvin EC-1118 and Wyeast 1388 on hand. I understand the basics and understand the need for additional nutrients.

As I understood the instructions for a BOMM, I am to
Dose the 1 tbsp DAP + 2 tbsp Fermaid K at must creation,
Dose the 1 tbsp DAP + 2 tbsp Fermaid K at 2/3 sugar break,
Dose the 1 tbsp DAP + 2 tbsp Fermaid K at 1/3 sugar break.

Would this same nutrition level apply to Lalvin EC-1118?

Also looking for advice for using traditional dates/raisins/currants as alterntative nutrients in 5 gallon batches.

09-13-2015, 10:32 PM
The BOMM nutrient schedule works great for EC1118.

For fruit replacement of nutrients, search my All Natural BOMM thread (not to be confused with the JAO All Natural BOMM thread).

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09-13-2015, 10:45 PM
Thanks for the fast feedback. I'm gonna need to run over to Austin Homebrew tomorrow for more Fermaid K... I've got some Wyeast Beer Nutrient and Fermax on hand but neither appear to be a clear substitute.