View Full Version : BeeCulture Magazine, get to know the bees and write about mead

09-20-2015, 05:39 AM
I really think if you guys want to keep making mead you need to know a little bit about the state of beekeeping as it currently is by news from the beekeepers across the country. They also do great reports of imported "honey".

They also like mead making articles, I have several published, I think many people on GotMead could easily write up and good meadmaking article for BeeCulture, they are of course very positive towards meadmakers! Their website has simple instructions to submit articles, if you need any help I would be very glad to give a hand. Besides meadmaking they also like stories about meaderies and the background of setting one up, reviews of meaderies and mead. The search for honey to make mead on a commercial scale is also popular as well as using the local honey and marketing it in your meads.

A few pics from a good digital camera and just a little writing skills and imagination is all that is needed and I have seen plenty of that here on GM. Any new innovations, even technical writeups are encouraged. They also like news shorts and its a good place to annouce the existence of your meadery, you might find beekeepers in your area you didnt know about willing to sell their local honey to your meadery!