View Full Version : Just getting close to finishing primary fermentation on my first batch of mead!!!!

10-01-2015, 12:06 AM
So I'm getting really close to finishing my primary fermentation on my first batch of mead. Right now my S.G. is 1.030, my initial reading was 1.130. I used 16lbs of wildflower honey, spring water, and white labs liquid sweet mead yeast. Here's the recipe I attempted
The must smells and tastes pretty strongly of alcohol, and I'm not really too sure about the taste it has a sense of almost overwhelming alcohol at this point. I'm not sure it can be right because I know that after a certain amount the yeast is supposed to die off. I'm not sure how much the yeast taste is affecting the overal taste of the wine. Any advice on it guys? Do you think I can expect the taste to improve dramatically after I transfer to a secondary carboy? What if I just transfer and wait a couple of months? Does the taste still improve after it's bottled? I made sure to use the best quality ingredients I could find, and I'm hoping it's just tasting rough because it hasn't had any time to "settle down." Anyways any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

10-01-2015, 08:06 AM
Patience my friend.

Yes it will taste a little better once some of the yeast is out of suspension. But it's not going to even begin to taste ok for many months. Some say to expect to have to age it one month for every ABV. Depending on how welll your yeast were managed, it could take much longer. I wouldn't even think about botteling until this time next year.