View Full Version : Trying something new with this year's garden experiment

10-17-2015, 12:05 AM
Greetings all, and thanks for the add to this group. I'm fortunate to live in an area with a lot of beekeepers. So local raw honey is always for sale around here. I've made a number of meads in the past few years, all with seasonal fruit. Peach was a real winner. The one I'm not sure about is last year's wild sandhill plum, and it may still want some more aging time. It is still cloudy after a year.

But to this year's project. Well, it started with planting a bunch of ginger. A bunch in this case being 30 lbs. Ginger is a truly fun crop, a real challenge in a hot Kansas summer. Now I'm harvesting it as baby (pink, very tender) ginger. Don't yet know what the summer yield will be but let's go with "now what do I do?"

So high on the list is ginger beverages. Have already done some ginger beer with a scoby, and that's pretty interesting. I intend to try the Ginger Tonic recipe from this group, and will also try some fermented alcoholic meads based on ginger.

Oh, and this isn't really mead related but .. shredded baby pink ginger cooked into jam is a real kick in the mouth. I did a few pints with habanero chile from the garden, and a few more with jalaneno. This takes the morning pancakes into a whole new and dangerous neighborhood.