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10-26-2015, 03:35 PM
Hi, I am a supernewb with fermentation, I understand the basic science but 1st hand experience often trumps that. I have 4 Questions. I started a 1 gallon batch of cyser and it is definitely fermenting but I have questions. I am now about 4 & 1/2 months into fermentation I have already done my primary which was very active and have racked into a secondary. 1.)After re-racking into secondary, I noticed a significant dropoff in fermentation; is that normal? 2.)After continuing in the secondary fermentation vessel I have seen particulate of a brown/black variety settle and accumulate in the bottom; is this normal? 3.)Should i re-rack in secondary to another fermentation vessel and if so, when(i.e. how far into ferm)? 4.)Is a 6 month cyser worth it or should I go for the full year in secondary, and how long should I bottle condition for a flat(non-carbonated) cyser?

I ask those who have done it because there are few that still do, and I ask in general because if you're doing it your time for talking it is small and precious and I appreciate the advice.

I have lost my original records by having my laptop stolen but the recipe was roughly this:

3 lbs trader joe's mesquite honey
1 & 3/4 gallons unfiltered, un-pastuerized apple cider
1/2 gallon un-pastuerized cherry juice
spices(all fresh ground organic) nutmeg, cinnamon, chinese 5 spice powder
1 packet Red Star Cuvee yeast(this is what I am most concerned about it as I used enough for 5 gallons having been told overpitching doesn't hurt)
Fermax yeast supplement

I have lost my OG readings so I cannot determine abv(which I don't care about, from tasting a bit when racking to secondary it's on par with decent grappa)

Please try to answer my questions and give me some advice on whether to wait; or chuck it and brew a new batch.

I could definitely use some help here.

10-26-2015, 04:03 PM
1) yes
2) yes
3) your fermentation should be done. Have you checked the S.G.? Yes, rerack to another carboy.
4) I would not bottle before it clears. After it clears you can bottle it and drink it a bottle at a time over time to see how it ages.