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10-29-2015, 02:04 PM
It seems some of this information may be a bit outdated, especially with people using only fermaid k or O:
"Ammonium phosphate-based nutrients impart very little to the flavor profile. The same is not true of the amino acid based extracts which tend to impart an autolyzed flavor (bloody, bouillon-like, and metallic) if used in excess (greater than a Tablespoon per 5 gallons). Thus amino-acid based nutrients should be used sparingly (if at all) in the fermenter. This is an important consideration when making meads since honey is very low in nitrogen and delicate in flavor. Therefore diammonium phosphate is the preferred nutrient in meads although a small amount of the vitamin/amino acid-based extract should be added ( 1 tsp) to provide additional vitamins and minerals."
A lot of the information was written with beer in mind. Statements such as "In terms of fermentation, aeration is also important but only in the early stages (first 6-24 hours)" do not seem to be based off of scientific research and other articles may provide reasons and better ways to estimate how long you should aerate.

I admit it's a good article and most information is very useful/interesting. Just keep an eye out and always double check information against other articles. It is also possible that reading the actual articles which are referenced could yield better information than what is summarised in the page

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The starter information is good

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