View Full Version : Semi Sweet Sack Mead Suggestions

01-16-2016, 11:28 AM
I have decided that my next foray into the mead world will be a Semi-Sweet Sack mead. Or at least that will be the goal.

10 g DV 10 rehydrate in GoFerm
3tsp Potassium Bicarbonate
Local clover/alfalfa honey was thinking 3 or 4 additions
7kg to start - fill to 20L volume
3kg when SG hits 1.02
1kg when 1.02 is achieved again
1kg when/if 1.01 is achieved.

Nutrients- End of lag 2 tsp DAP 1 tsp Fermaid K
1/3 sugar break 7% ish ABV 1 Tsp DAP 2 Tsp Fermaid K
When I make the 3rd honey adition add 24g of boiled bread yeast.

Aerate/Degas 2 times a day till the 1/3 sugar break. Then Degas daily. Monitor daily for pH. Adjust to >3.6 with Potassium bicarbonate if required.

Should end up with about 25L in the primary so I will be able to rack a full 23l into the secondary.

Then oak with some heavy toast cubes and bulk age in a glass carboy for 1 year min or to taste.

Any thoughts or criticism on this plan?