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03-23-2016, 07:20 PM
Everybody remember "Yo Momma so fat..." jokes? Well, same concept here except with mead! Confused? Okay, I'll start...

When you come home from work and the house smells like flowers? You're doing it right!

When you spend more $$ a year on honey than on milk? You're doing it right!

03-26-2016, 11:49 PM
Sigh...When you try to start a fun thread and noone f'in cares. I guess I'll just stay here for the mead recipes.

03-27-2016, 12:14 AM
How about: When you walking through the juice isle and all you can think is "Hmmm I wonder if that will ferment". You're doing it right.

03-27-2016, 12:10 PM
A take on that one: All of your friends have fruit trees or berry bushes or they like to go pick berries at the local farms. They all talk about the jellies, pies, and cobblers they plan to make and all you can think is "Mead..." you're doing it right.

03-27-2016, 01:22 PM
When you complain about the rising price of the loaves of bread your wife brings home then sneak onto the internet to buy $50 worth of honey...You're doing it right!

03-27-2016, 04:13 PM
When you grab the honey bear from your spouse's hand as she's sweetening her tea and yell, "I NEED THAT!"... You're doin' it right.

03-27-2016, 04:46 PM
When family photos are being taken off the dresser to make space for demijohns... You're doing it right!

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04-10-2016, 04:28 PM
Thanks for playing All! Sorry for being so whiny when I started this.

When you don't care if people call it wine or mead or beer - you just hope you it doesn't taste like ass. You're doing it right!

04-10-2016, 05:10 PM
When you bring your mead to a party & someone says I don't like mead & you say try mine. & then they say hey that's good,can I have some more? Your doing it right

04-10-2016, 05:13 PM
When it's a Sunday afternoon and you're a teensy little bit buzzed on stuff that you shepherded along the fermentation path with the grace of Odin. You're doing it right!

04-11-2016, 11:01 AM
When you're skipping lunches at work and squirreling away cash from impromptu trips to the grocery store just so you can buy "the good stuff"...you're doing it right!

04-11-2016, 12:39 PM
When you're on a date and don't know what to say.. your date asks what hobbies or interests you've got and you rant for half an hour before realizing your date might be bored... you're doing it right!

04-11-2016, 12:40 PM
When "this is the last batch until next wine season" was three *ahem five* batches ago... you're doing it right!

04-11-2016, 03:55 PM
When you see a chest freezer and think about how many carboys you could fit in there, you're doing it right!

04-12-2016, 12:35 PM
When you've got 4 different kinds of fruits, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and you want to make as many combinations as possible... The first 2 in a mead, #2 & #3 in a mead, #3 & #4 in a mead, #1 & #3 in a mead, #1 & #4 in a mead, #2 & #4 in a mead, then you want to combine 3 in a mead; you're wondering if you'll need to invest in that 5 gallon bucket of honey you've been eying online... and you have to google the # of possible combinations for groups of 2 & 3 out of 4 unique members because you can't remember what you learned in math class... You're doing it right! :-D

It's only 10, btw. :-)

04-12-2016, 02:37 PM
When a coworker is showing pictures of their new baby during lunch and you break out pics of your latest mead and get teary eyed...You're doing it right!

04-12-2016, 04:00 PM
When your coworkers introduce you to people, and right away ask them if they've ever heard of mead...YDIR!