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03-31-2016, 12:37 AM
I just saw that Moonlight Meadery started a quarterly mead club and thought I would share the info. It seems like a pretty good deal if you like their mead and can afford to buy in quantity.

Membership perks you will receive:

A 15% off discount at the meadery and online for any purchases
A HUGE 18% discount off the purchase of 12 or more bottles (mixed)
Four quarterly club orders of seven bottles at $90 each order
Pickup your club orders or have them shipped free of charge
Unlimited FREE tours & tastings when you come with friends that paid
Pre-purchase limited release meads before the general public
Purchase our "INNER CIRCLE" meads offered ONLY to club members
Member first invites to special meadery events

No registration fee
Click http://www.moonlightmeadery.com/Club (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jnQgAcCRHllGsBp5eRd6UEuBBj0ws4nGIw4p8K CkdLEzJlX_FyPUDgEvBoNnD1KsWrMjfH4SleEsMBBep8G0c2-GsJVdCD6lTHASv41fA5QYdyAXrvWUNN_8LDwavP_m96ICs-Rd-vTtBUQIZ2osWKl6im__3PVSybCH0stirn2CV9hh1PW1bIKqprg lY6xf&c=DaCV9e6pW3jDY-tUsF5dPtggzxlwdZHKngPocxTJN2yDadnukR7RUw==&ch=NIJEvix0eQy7H0pNvzUKJB9hHmLTbBLeR8m2HRgEWgE4Il0 ayMA-uQ==) to join.

04-01-2016, 05:44 PM
Just a quick follow up. I decided to give the mead club a try and the first quarterly order shipped right away. This is what was included for the $90 (incl. shipping, not incl. $7.20 California Sales Tax):

Meadowfoam – Au Naturel
14% ABV - Sweet

Each of our “Au Naturel” meads is made from a single varietal honey and is as unique as its floral source.

Meadowfoam flowers grow in Oregon, when the wind blows the flowers flop around and it looks as if the field is covered in foam. This honey has the most interesting flavor, it's like a toasted marshmallow.

2016 Ember
Ember: a glowing fragment from a fire; especially: one smoldering in ashes. You will #FeelTheBern on this one. The forward sweet blackberry notes prepare you for the smoldering chipotle spice that makes a grand entrance without overplaying it.

13.9% ABV - Semi-sweet

Peaches and citrus notes tantalize the tongue and balance the honey to create a semi-sweet mead. This satisfying treat promises a succulent finish that you will VERY much fall in love with.

13.9% ABV - Semi-sweet

Are you feeling mischievous? Get ready to cause some trouble with this playful blackberry melomel. The deep, decadent blackberry flavor is showcased by the rich honey background.

Beware: this bold mead is sure to inspire irrepressible mischief.

Orange Blossom – Au Naturel
14% ABV - Sweet

Each of our “Au Naturel” meads is made from a single varietal honey and is as unique as its floral source.

Orange Blossom honey features a light citrusy flavor, similar to how an orange grove smells. Well balanced with light floral honey notes.

13.3% ABV - Semi-sweet

Flirt... to behave amorously without serious intent. The honey and apricots will tease your senses, enjoy this semi-sweet mead with a wide variety of dishes, and especially with seafood.

16% ABV - Sweet

Conditioned in our Utopian barrels for up to 6 months. Hints of buttery vanilla and coconut from the oak meld with the apple and honey to create a complex flavor experience. The deep, rich apple flavor on the forefront gives way to hints of bourbon and a smooth honey finish. Clearly something of special worth.

Gold medal winner at the 2016 Mazer Cup International.

04-01-2016, 06:47 PM
What size are the bottles?
Do they ship overseas? If you don't know off hand I can check myself.
I am from Ireland, mead is non existent here.

04-02-2016, 12:15 AM
Yenren, the bottles are 375 ml.

Unfortunately, I do not believe that they ship overseas. They sell and ship their mead through vinoshipper.com (https://vinoshipper.com/), which ships to many different states in the US, but I do not think they ship outside of the US.

04-02-2016, 10:57 AM
Bummer! I would like to taste some real mead to see if what I'm making is anywhere close.

04-04-2016, 01:47 PM
Nor do they ship to MI :(

04-13-2016, 05:27 PM
Nice. I noticed this when I looked at their website. I'm going to be driving by there on my trip to Maine, but sadly, they will not be open as they will be closed for the day (evening) when we pass by there and closed coming home on a Sunday. Still, I mean to pick some of their stuff up at a liquor/wine store.

Another meadery (810 Meadworks (http://810meadworks.com/mead-club/)) started their mead club recently and I am tempted, but have mostly only tried their sweet/semi-sweet offerings. Theirs is 3 shipments a year of 6 bottles at $100/shipment (incl. shipping, not tax) - approximately 20% off (I'm assuming they are talking about the 750 ml bottles and not the smaller session meads, but when I asked on facebook, did not receive an answer).

I'm tempted to join one of these mead clubs, but right now I'm signed up for a local winery's sweet wine club (most are fruit-infused), which I like, and get free tastings monthly for me and 3 people plus other discounts. Both of the meaderies are pretty far away from me so it is unlikely I will get to take advantage of their local perks (NH is about an hour closer, but I haven't been there before). Moonlight Meadery seems to offer a better ratio of sweet meads, which I prefer. I don't think I need to be signed up for more than one club at a time. I don't even have room for all the beverages I currently own.