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07-17-2016, 06:51 PM
I started a 6 gallon batch last Friday in a Mini-Brew conical.
All is going very well, but the Ginger is hardly noticed now.
18lbs OB honey
4.5 gallons spring water
1 gallon ginger bug
11 grams Lallemans Abbaye Ale Dry yeast.
usual re-hydration with Go-firm on mixing plate.
Staggered nutrient DAP/Fermaid K.
OG 1.110 now at 52 hours 1.079
I change it's ice blanket ever 12 hours, it holds 78 degrees (till the ice melts) then back to ~80.

The Ginger bug:
3 lbs ginger and two whole de-seeded lemons in blender then boiled one hour in a sparg bag with 1 gallon spring water.
This ginger bug was so strong it would burn all the way down.
But now I can barely tell it's there.
Should I make more and add it at back sweetening? I want it strong.
or is it just over shadowed by all the sweetness now.
or should I have waited to add it till much later. (secondary???, If there is such a thing in a conical)

07-17-2016, 10:20 PM
It's a personal thing. I bet if you asked 10 mazers you would get 12 different answers. With spices I tend to wait until it's done fermenting and a lot of the yeast has dropped out before I start adding the adjuncts. It seems to me you have a clearer idea of what's going on. I also think the fermentation process changes some of the spice profile as well.

You may be better off if you wait untill you stabilize it or have run it dry and have started to clear before adding more. Remember you can always add more but can't take any out.

07-18-2016, 06:43 AM
Ah Ha,,,, As I suspected. Thanks.

07-18-2016, 09:06 AM
I second what Squatchy said. I've had much better flavor with my methiglins when I added the spice during aging.

07-20-2016, 04:37 PM
Same here. My ginger-pomegranate-grains of paradise mead got hotter and spicier as it matured. 8 or 9 months and the ginger is tangy, and spicy tasting, but still not overpowering, and I used a good bit of fresh grated ginger root right in primary. Couldn't really taste it until about 4 months after fermentation was over, then it started to shine. I love ginger, eat the candied stuff, like spicy-hot ginger beer, etc. This was one of my faves but my wife doesn't like it that strong, she said. I think it might have been the grains of paradise too. They're similar to black pepper, just more floral tasting.

07-21-2016, 07:33 AM
Thanks EbonHalk, Based on what you say I will not add any more ginger. This batch will turn out to be what ever it wants to be, I'll drink it all anyway. (and my friends). I'd bet all the benefits of the ginger are still in there somewhere, even if I can't taste the ginger as strong as it was when I first made it.
I use ginger for it's anti-inflammatory benefits, And Mead is also an Anti-inflammatory food, (perhaps an Neural-Anti-Inflammatory effect)
I have arthritis real bad. and I think the combo of honey, ginger and alcohol helps a lot with neuropathic pain. And it tastes good too.