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07-18-2016, 12:53 PM
The short question is: once a batch - in my case, a gallon - of mead starts to go sour, is there anything you can do to arrest the process? I ask because this batch has just started to sour - my guess is it got too hot in my basement - but, here's the kicker: I actually like the way it tastes now! It's got a tiny little pucker to it and if I could cold crash/stabilize/bottle it and have it stay the way it is, I would. So...can I? Or is it doomed to become a fancy vinegar?

Here's the background on it: A traditional one gallon BOMM on 3/8, using Wyeast Belgian Ale 1388 and 2lbs, 10.5 oz of Amish-farm wildflower honey; SG 1.08.

On 3/17, SG was 1.01, I added another half lb honey and SG went to 1.026.
Racked on 3/30.

On 7/5, SG was .992 and I racked it onto 4 lbs of very ripe empress plums (that were in the freezer from last year).

And on 7/15 I tasted it and yeah, I detect that slight pucker that tells me something went wrong. I put it in the fridge because I couldn't think of what else to do, lol.
What's the verdict, oh wise mazers?

07-18-2016, 01:10 PM
Hard to say without knowing what is contributing the sourness. You have 2 potential sources: 1. Plums 2. Bacterial contamination.

Was it sour before the plums? Do you have any weird growths that developed after adding the plums? If not, my bet is the plums added the sour note. Simple rack off the plums to stop it. If it bacterial, that's a lot harder to deal with.

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