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09-03-2016, 12:27 PM
Morning all.
I've just dipped my toe into mead making, only on 1 and 2 gallon batches at the moment due to space constraints. I've got a watermelon mead, 2 show meads using a nola honey and a Cajun honey and a Perry Cyser hybrid. These have all been done using wild yeast fermentation and a lot of winging it!! The only equipment I've got is half gallon carboys, a few airlocks and a switch of oak sticks which I use to stir up the must, it's now covered in yeasts.
I want to start being more precise in recipes and processes, is there a list of equipment (a starter kit, for want of a better phrase) I should get and at what initial outlay am I looking at?
Thanks in advance.

09-03-2016, 01:16 PM
Check out theses two intro guides. The firs one has has links to Amazon, where you can buy new equipment. Once you have a list, and and idea how much you are ready to spend, start looking around on Craigslist for people who are selling "home brew" equipment or "beer making equipment" or "wine making". "Carboy", "Carboys", "beer bottles", "wine bottles" and "swing to bottles" are a couple of others things to look for. Make sure you sort by newest, so you can see what has shown up most recently. I would think you could get away with an initial investment of $50-$90, for just about all the (used) equipment you'll need. There are a few incidentals you'll need that should be purchased new; cleaner and sanitizer, any ingredients, corks/caps (depending on what your plans are).

Good Lucks! Dave



09-03-2016, 01:16 PM
A hydrometer. This is an absolute requirement for any kind of controlled fermentation, and will also help you immensely with your wild ferments.

Otherwise, a standard winemaking starter kit usually works:
Plastic bucket with lid drilled for airlock, for fermentation
Glass carboy with airlock and stopper, for aging
pH test strips
Plastic or metal spoon to stir and dissolve honey
Racking crane or autosiphon

You'll need nutrients. Fermaid-O using the TOSNA protocol is easy, very reliable, and produces excellent results.

The two main meadmaking books are "The Compleat Meadmaker" or "The Complete Guide to Making Mead."

09-05-2016, 11:09 AM
Cheers for the advice. Looks like I'll be raiding the local home brew store for supplies!