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12-08-2016, 12:09 AM
Hi all, my first batch of meade turned out pretty well! I just saw the Oskaar recipe that is sticky in this form, so maybe I will try that in the future, if I can decipher all the jargon and codes :)

the recipe I used:

12 pounds raw rocky mountain wildflower honey (from honeyville) note: did not boil the raw honey
4 gallon h20
12 tsp malic acid
2 tsp tartaric acid
1 tsp black tea leaves
3 packets red star premier cuvee yeast
5 tsp fermax energizer, staggered into 2-3 doses

The potential SG = 13%

day 0 started in 6 gal plastic bucket, aerated daily
day 5 racked to 6 gal glass carboy with airlock
day 13 SG 1.000 measured, and re-racked to cleaned glass carboy
day ~42 re-racked to cleaned glass carboy
day ~60 bottling:
added ~1.5 pounds honey (boiled) and then 4tsp potassium sorbate prior to bottling
but I did not use any metabisulfite

The meade is pretty tasty, although acidic and tart to the point of almost tasting like a cider. A very strong honey cider :)

My questions:

1. What is the risk for spoilage because I did not use any sulfates? I might be sensitive to sulfates or sulfites. For example if I eat a whole bunch of dried apricots with sulfates I can feel flushed and a tickle in my throat. I am kind wanting to make meade organic as possible as well, therefore did not add sulfates. Should I just get over it, and pitch some in next time. I want to have a mead that can be bottle aged and treasured.

2. What is the shelf life looking like now, because I did back-sweeten and add the potassium sorbate? I have read that this can turn into some off odor like geraniums as it ages. I have no idea what geraniums smell like, so probably would not know it even if this occurred. But if I give some bottles as gifts I want to be able to say - drink this within a year or something.

Thanks so much!

12-08-2016, 12:14 AM
You will need to add potassium metabisulfate along with the sorbet and you shouldn't have that problem

12-08-2016, 12:25 PM
You will need to add potassium metabisulfate along with the sorbet and you shouldn't have that problem

Thanks, I got that. I was wondering more what are the prospects for the current batch? i.e. tell people to drink it soon, or tell them let the bottles age?

12-11-2016, 08:20 AM
I would say with in one year.