View Full Version : Questions regarding Cap Management/secondary fermentation

04-01-2017, 11:31 PM
Hello everybody,

This is my first mead that I've made, let me give you the run down and hopefully somebody can answer my questions and/or point me in the right direction!

Started with:

6 Gallon carboy\22 Litres
5kg of honey from a local family friend that is a bee keeper (not pasteurized)
1 packet of wine yeast
Tap water that was boiled then let out to cool and i mixed it with water and added it to the carboy

That was the first fermentation that lasted just over 8 weeks. The bubbling in the airlock was at this point about every 15-20 seconds.

I syphoned the mead for the second round of fermentation using using gauze, tube, and a funnel.

Second fermentation:

4.75L Citrus mead (squeezed 3 oranges and 1 lemon)
4.1L Raspberry mead (removed any high quality raspberries and mushed them up with a fork so that it turned into a paste pretty much)
3L plain old honey mead
The rest was syphoned into another large 5-6gallon carboy with one blended pineapple.
The leftover pineapple mead ended up being approximately 11-12 litres.

I did not add any additional yeast/energizer/nutrients to the sealed carboys.
The alcohol content of the mead is current 2.5-3% alcohol from what I can tell during the reading...its not what I wanted but it is my first time so I don't mind!

Should I go back and add any of the above ingredients?

Will the fermentation continue and increase the alcohol content from the sugars in the fruits?

Will I have to worry about cap management/must/CO2 explosion? (I think this is only the case for the raspberry one since its the only one that actually has a thick layer of still mushy/solid fruit...

Thanks for all the help!