View Full Version : Bottle BOMBS got me scared. Posting some newbee questions

05-11-2017, 05:48 PM
Hello everyone!

I'm completely new at brewing (and making mead).

Currently I have 3 batches of mead, each in a 5l (1.32 gallon) glass fermenter.

Quick recipe:
approx. 4 liters of water
3g Mangrove Jack's craft series (Mead) M05
1.6 Kg honey (First batch Sunflower honey, second batch local wild honey, third batch orange blossom honey)
2g DAP
primary fermentation at approx. 22C (71.6 F)

(My three batches only differ in the kind of honey used.)

I will describe my question on my first batch. This first batch got syphoned into a second glass fermenter after a month, and I placed it in the garage (temperature is much lower because of our great Belgian climate.) But I dont think I can really call it "cold crashing" it, as the temperature goes up during the day. For now, I have no option of getting this glass jug into our fridge. Today (second month) I syphoned the mead again into another glass bottle of 5 liters. I can still see bubbles in the airlock, but it takes a few minutes each time.

I do not know the SG on this mead, and I regret not buying one at the beginning. I do know the final gravity: 0.95.

My question is : Can I let this batch age some more in this 5 liter jug with an airlock?
How to backsweeten? Can it get way to complicated to do this?
When is the best time for bottling?
Is there a golden formula for making sure there is no re-fermentation or co2 build up once I bottle?
Should I buy a whip I can attach to a drill to get rid of C02?

I did some reading about stopping fermentation but I'm still not sure, as I maybe do not understand everything, and I get a lot of mixed opinions.

P.s. : English is not my mother language.

Hope you guys can help a newbee out :) Thanks!