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07-19-2017, 11:39 AM
Hello, all, first time poster here. I'm looking for some feedback, warnings, or critiques on a batch of mead that I am planning to make.


1gal Spring Water

2lbs 6oz Wild Foam Honey

5gm Lalvin 71B

1/2 oz Darkly Toasted American Oak

1 or 2 Vanilla Beans

GoFerm Protect

Fermaid K


My intention is to make a Bochet/Brochet so I'll be caramelizing the honey by following the instructions that I found here:

I also intend to use an SNA strategy. I'm gonna both dig a little more deeply into the extremely interesting "We're Overfeeding Our Little Ones" thread and listen to any advice that might come my way given in this thread before I decide exactly how I'll implement my SNA program.

I'll also be oaking it in accordance with the recommendations in the Newbee guide.

I'll likely make a vanilla extract out of the beans though I have not yet decided upon a method of doing so. I might also just chop them and add them to the must in a cheesecloth bag.

The SG that I'll be shooting for is 1.090 so the amount of caramelized honey that I will actually ends up in the must will be based upon that particular SG. An ABV of 12% is what I'm aiming at but I'm not too awfully concerned about my marksmanship in this regard.

I chose the 71B based on the chart that I found here:

I'll be using a 2 gallon food grade bucket as a primary and then rack it into a 1 gallon glass carboy.

It will be kept in my fermenting fridge that keeps the temp right around 65 degrees.

Any and all advice and/or criticisms are welcome. Also, if I have overlooked any pertinent information I will gladly supply it.

Thank you for reading!