View Full Version : Few questions about my first melomel

07-29-2017, 07:31 PM
So after months of research I finally made my first melomel…..

5ish gallon batch
19# Honey
20# Rasp/Black/Blue berries in primary
16g of ICV-D21 yeast

OG (before berries): 1.140
Degass/PunchDown: every 12 hours.
Ferm Temp: 76-80

Nutrient Style: Travis Blount-Elliott
24 hours: 4.25g Fermaid O
48 hours: 4.25g Fermaid O
72 hours: 4.75g Fermaid K and 5.6g DAP
96 hours: Checked for ⅓ sugar break, but blew right past it...already at 1.024
96 hours: 4.75g Fermaid K and 5.6g DAP
9 Days after pitch: Fruit cap dropped
12 Days after pitch: FG 0.990 (!!) bucket smells amazing under the lid!

So the yeast certainly was happy, chose this strain in hopes of getting around temp control, but ended up way drier than expected, going to have to backsweeten...

Hoping to avoid backsweetening in the future, would a few more #s of honey in next iteration of the same recipe accomplish this?

Now that fruit cap has dropped, can I rack it into secondary?

Should I carboy to clear or can I go straight to keg? (low psi, don’t want it carbbed)