View Full Version : First BOMM, second mead batch ever

08-01-2017, 08:15 PM
So here's details-
BOMM method nearly verbatim
1 gl batch
2.5 lb orange blossom
Wyeast 1388smacked and sat for 2.5 hours
Started with 1.082 with 1/2 t DAP and Fermaid K
Temp at start was around 76 degrees
24 hours was 1.080 and I added 1/4 DAP and K again
Next 24 hours got me to 1.078 but fermentation was going strong
24 hours after that, hydrometer was hitting rock bottom. Added 1/4 DAP and K in hopes to resuscitate and left it be til today. Ferment has come to a near stall with almost half inch of sediment. The taste may be what people call jet fuel, but I've never tasted sunoco's pumps so I'm not sure. But I know it's got a high alcohol flavor with a hydrometer that still rests on the bottom of the carboy. Is there any chance of getting this guy back up and tasting more like the mead that hits the lips first before the alkie taste takes over? i didnt have a solid temp control on it so best guess was around 73-79degree ferment range.
Help save my mead!