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08-12-2017, 01:21 PM
Ive build a little stand alone program to calculate OG and Brix and ABV; as well as save the recipe and otherwise catalog my mead creations. Slight problem though. Between my calculator, the GotMead calculator, BrewersFriend Calculator both simple and advanced: I am getting 4 different numbers. Something is afoot. Either my calculations are way off, or there are just too many diffrent interpretations to make a completely accurate calculator. Never the less, I was wondering if someone could look over my formula and see if I am way off:

Honey Weight: (HoneyInGallons * 0.453592) * (SugarPercent / 100)

This gets me the amount of non-water in honey; default being 80%

Water Weight: (WaterInGallons * 3.79) + (HoneyinGallons) * ((100 - (SugarPercent))

This gets me the weight of the Water

Total Volume= (WaterInGallons * 3.79) + ((HoneyInGallons * 0.453592) * (1/1.42))

This gets me the Total Volume of the mix

Brix = HoneyWeight * 100 / TotalWeight

This uses the above to calculate the Brix of the mix

OG = (Brix / (258.6 - ((Brix/258.2) * 227.1)))+1

This uses the Brix to get the OG

ABW = 78.08 * (OG -FG) / (1.775 - OG)
PABV = ABW /0.794

This gets me the Alcohol by Weight*(honestly this is the only part I cant remember why I had to do it this way. I must of had a reason to calculate this though, right?) and then gets me the potential Alcohol by Volume

Some Tests

3lbs Honey in 1 Gallon Water with a FG of 1

My Calculator:
OG: 1.08
Brix: 21.13
ABV: 12.28

*Cant calculate OG, so we go with 1.08
ABV Simple: 10.5
ABV Alternate: 11.03

OG: 1.08
Brix: 25.42
ABV: 14.13

the OGs seem to be pretty steady, until you get to the higher ratios. On my calculator for 20lbs honey in 4 Gallons I get 1.128 and the GotMead calculator has me at 1.18.
I think my calculations are wrong in either the Brix or the SG, or Both.

Any help would be appreciated