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08-15-2017, 08:18 PM
Looking for advice/critiques before I start this tomorrow.

My goal is to create a mead in the dry/semi dry range with blueberry flavor. My plan is to max out the 71B yeast and naturally sweeten the mead without the use of chemicals. All fermentation will take place in my chest freezer with temp control.

15lbs Raw Wildflower Honey
Water to 5 gallons
71B Yeast
5tsp Fermax spread out over 3 additions

After 4 weeks rack onto 10lbs thawed fresh blueberries and add pectic enzyme.

After 4 weeks cold crash and rack into final carboy for aging/clearing.

Rack again if necessary to clear further.

Some of my concerns
1-Headspace after second racking. How much will I lose to trub and pulp at the two rackings? Should I make 6 gallons to start to try and avoid this? I have a kegerator, so I can blow CO2 into the empty headspace if that will help.

2-Do I need to use campden when racking? Instructions online sometimes include it at each transfer. I'd rather not use any additional chemicals.

3-Any other suggestions/hints/things that I'm missing?

08-21-2017, 05:53 PM
You can do what ever you want. It's your mead. Your food add is too little. But then again I thought you didn't want to add any chems?? You will restart your ferment when you rack onto the fruit at the 4 weeks mark. Crush the frozen fruit when it thaws enough to allow the yeast/alcohol inside.

Yes. Make more than what you plan to age.

Yes add the CO2 when ageing.

I use pot meta and sorbate every time.

Use at least 2 packs of yeast. I would use 3 if I were doing this.