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Commander Toasty
06-22-2005, 07:25 PM
OK - what am I doing wrong. I want to post a pic and I went to Additional Items and selected attachment. Browsed to my file and attempted to upload, then got an error message that my file (629k) was too large and attachments must be less than 500k.

OK - no problem. Went into my photo editor and turned it into a 250k file. Repeated the process and got the same error message except this time it said attachments have to be smaller tahn 196k!!!

Somebody be messing wit my haid.

06-22-2005, 10:44 PM
File is too large. See the board description below from the board header on the main forums page:

Photos for Fun
OK shutterbugs, here's the place to post your pictures. If your photos are larger than 800x600 pixels or 192 Kb please post a link rather than the photo as the file size can chew resource and physical size can cause autoscrolling and throw off the look and feel of the boards.
Moderators: Vicky Rowe, the Gotmead Meadwench, Oskaar

Keep your files to 800x600 and 190 Kb or less please. It will keep the boards from autoscrolling and looking all whacky, as well as prevent unnecessary storage space bloat.