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02-20-2004, 02:30 AM
Although I am very satisfied with my own meads, I picked up a couple of bottles of Lurgashall mead (from the UK) a few weeks ago while in Fargo. One is a Christmas mead (bottle says it is good for mulling - although it came with no spices) and the other is just a traditional mead.

I haven't tried these yet, although I may open the Christmas mead this weekend. I'm saving the other bottle for the April meeting of my homebrew club, when we have a mead tasting. From what I've read, this stuff is supposed to be better than Chaucer's (not that it takes much), but not as good as homemade mead done by a competent meadmaker.


02-20-2004, 08:47 AM
The cristmass mead usually has a small spice package attached, as far as I know it is the same mead. It is possible however that it may be lesser quality than thier normal one. Say they brew 75 barrels, the 50 best ones become thier normal mead, the other 25 get bottled with the spices. This is only a theory... the way I'd market my mead if i was making the call.

Traditionally the lesser quality wines were mulled i believe.

I've had Lurgashall and thought it was good enough to try brewing my own for my second taste of mead.