View Full Version : What do you want to see in the IMA?

Vicky Rowe
12-23-2004, 06:52 PM
Jason has, I think, voiced a concern that many of you may hold, that the International Mead Association may not address the needs of the home mead-making community, or include us enough in the workings.

Dan and I have been discussing this, and I think we need to put out here the opportunity for you, the mead brewing community, to say what you'd like to see.

Tell me what you'd like to see from the IMA. What can it do that will help you, the home mead maker? Tell me, and I'll compile your answers and see they get addressed. Dan and I are on the research committee, along with Ken Schramm and several others. I chair the committee. So part of my job is to make sure your wishes are heard. And, as owner of GotMead, I sort of got volunteered to be the voice for y'all (since I was at the MeadFest IMA meeting).

Be as brief or as detailed as you like. And remember, if you don't vote, you can't bitch!

Vicky - wanting to make sure that Jason and others can get their .02 worth in for the formation