View Full Version : Buckwheat Honey Meads

Chris King
09-03-2004, 09:07 AM
Does any one have a good Buckwheat honey mead recipe?

09-05-2004, 09:28 AM
I Use it quite a bit but wouldn't recommend 100% Buckwheat unless you want to age it for a Loooong time. If you get it from the east coast side it has a strong barnyard ordor and taste that takes time to mellow out. But if you wanted to make a straight 100 % Buckwheat you could use this for a 5 gallon batch:

12 to 13 lbs of Buckwheat
K1V-1116 yeast
Balance hard water to 5 gallons.

If you have extremely hard water you won't need nutrients as long as you use K1V yeast. If you don't have extremely hard water then use 1/4t to 1/2t max of Fermax per gallon. ( more is not better)(1/4t will actually do the trick with this yeast) Don't boil the honey and it will ferment quickly and nicely. You don't need any acid in the must. It will just slow down fermentation. If you want some add it after 3 weeks when it is done to suit your taste. Shouldn't take more than 3 weeks if you do not boil and use this yeast and keep temperature approximately 68 degrees. It will have a little residual sugar when done and you can stabilize and sweeten to your taste and add oak chips if you like. Taste after a couple years and it may still not be ready. Taste every 6 months thereafter til it mellows.

I prefer to use a blend and not exceed 40% Buckwheat. It adds a great touch to a mead but even 15% will do wonders and at 15% it doesn't require any aging time to be drinkable.