View Full Version : Rose Mead Recipe proposal

03-06-2004, 06:34 AM
Finally went over to knoxville where they have a large university with lots of middle eastern students and a couple ME grocery stores. Finnally I have Rose water.

Current plans are as follow

12 pounds Orange Blossom honey
Water to 5.5 gallons
2 tsp Fermax yeast nutrient
12 oz Rose water
Lalvin k1-V1116 Yeast
<primary Fermentation>

Add 12 Oz Rosewater after racking to secondary

Eventually use RoseSyrup to Sweeten to taste before bottling

03-07-2004, 04:55 PM
I went to a British store, couple weeks ago. I picked-up some Honey w/ Rose. Took a taste. I declare it was like taking a swig of perfume. It was difficult to get the taste out of my mouth. I had thought of adding this honey to a couple quarts, or more, of other honey, to tone it down a bit. That rose can be some powerful stuff. Be careful Vike.