View Full Version : Persimon Mead followup

10-20-2004, 07:17 AM
Hey, this is a great idea to have a brewlog where we can keep everybody informed with a blow by blow description of our ongoing meads. Here's what has been happening with my experimental Persimon melomel. I'm calling it experimental because first it is only my second try at mead brewing, and second I modified the recipe from all the different fruit recipes that have been posted.Thanks for all the help so far :). The ingredients were 12 lbs honey, about 75 ripe persimons which were crushed and washed through a collander keeping the juice and discarding the skins and pits. I heated 2 gallons of water and used it to disolve the honey in the 5 gallon primary, mixed in the persimon extract and starter mix then filled to 5 gallons. The OG was at 1.10 when I pitched in the Red Star yeast and fermentation started within 6 hours. It was off to a good start and is still bubbling away after 12 days.
I just checked the specfic gravity and am at 1.015 which gives a ABV around 13%, had to taste it of course and it resembles a slightly sweet grapefruit juice with a bit of an alcohol bite. So far so good but it will need to age for a while before it becomes drinkable. I'm a bit amazed at how the flavor has changed from the original sweet must to the current tartness, can't wait to see what the next few weeks/months will bring. Will keep everybody informed when it's time to rack to the secondary. Till then Drink, Laugh and Love!! Beeboy

10-27-2004, 06:30 AM
Just finished racking to the 5 gallon secondary, thoughts are as follows SG at 1.005, has a dry flavor almost bland with less of the grapefruit taste, not much sweetness so added 2 more lbs of honey but will probably need more once it's ready to bottle. Smells a bit nasty with a sour odor, hopefully that will go away soon. Plans are to keep the mead in the secondary for at least 2 months to finish the frementation, sweeten and bottle. Hope it matures soon, my first batch is going out as gifts and is being consumed at a steady rate on the weekends. Mead, Fun To Make, Fun To Drink!!!Beeboy