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02-11-2004, 08:53 PM
World Wide Distributors Wanted for China Mead

As early as the Zhou Dynasty (11th to 8th Century BC) Mead was used as a tribute to the Imperial family in China.

Now a state-of-the-art Meadery located in China is seeking established and licensed distributors for a variety of Honey Mead products. This publicly listed company uses Acacia flower honey, which undergoes an ultra-filtration process and quality control procedures granted ISO-9001:2000 certification in 2001.


In addition to "dry" or "sweet" Pure Mead, there are varieties including Rose Mead, Aloe Mead, Ginseng Mead, Green Plum Mead, and dry or sweet Honey Milk Wine.

Ok this company advertised from the homepage would seem to be "Bee & Bee Natural Life Products Limited"

At least the List of meads lines up.

My real question is how are they affected by the ban on importation of honey and honey products by the US and the EU.

Maybe Fermentation removes the antibiotic that contaminates chinese honey?
I've sent an email inquiry to the contact information and will post thier responce.