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09-07-2004, 09:47 AM
I've tasted the Lurgashall and I didn't care for the heavy fennel/licorice character on the back of the palate. It came off very nice on the front of the palate, nice balance and sweetness. But as it hit the back of the tongue and rear upper palate that fennel/anisette/licorice flavor blew it out of the water for me.



10-25-2004, 04:08 AM
I picked up a few bottles of Lugershall only because i stumbled across it at my local whole foods store. So last night I shared it with a few of my closest friends and found the following:

The first thing I noticed was that the aroma was actually quite unpleasant, almost offensive! I canít quite put my finger on what it was, sulfery but almost rancid smelling; I have to say I was really quite surprised.

So we tasted (and I expected the worst because of the unpleasant aroma), and then i was surprised a second time by how sweet it was!. I like my meads a bit on the sweet side, and since this mead was sweet I initially found it pleasing. However I quickly found that after a few sips it because too sweet, almost syrupy. I actually never expected a commercial mead to be this sweet 5 out of the 6 of us thought that it was too sweet and one actually proclaimed that it was so sweet that it wasnít even drinkable and refused the finish her glass.

Besides the excessive sweetness and strange odor I actually thought it was quite nice. Very deep, complex flavor (probably more so than anything I have produced at home). A bit of spice, possibly oak. Very leggy with a heavy body and thick mouth feel. High alcohol, but with no bite or burn (although one of my friends disagreed saying that he did detect a warmth in it).

Would i buy it again? I donít know. The flavor was excellent but I think most people, including myself, would be turned off by how sweet this mead is. Iíd be interested to hear more about what others think

10-25-2004, 06:47 PM
Agreed. The odor is funky, the taste is funky, I bought exactly one bottle. I got that same ainse/fennel/licorice flavor that Oskaar got, but it was so strong that it reminded me of black pepper.

Frankly, I thought the whole experience was rather offensive. I didn't even finish the bottle.

Since then, I've tried a couple of other things that Lurgashall makes (real perry! I was so excited!), and they are all disappointing. :(

11-11-2004, 03:04 PM
Interesting, could we have anupdate please, considering a Lurghasall made it into the judging at the IMF?

11-11-2004, 09:30 PM
Interesting, could we have anupdate please, considering a Lurghasall made it into the judging at the IMF?
If I recall correctly, that was a Lurgashall Reserve. I've never seen it for sale.