View Full Version : Honeywood winery mead

09-15-2004, 12:52 AM
Well this mead was produced in salem,oregon. And after checking their website to learn more about thier mead all the info i got was the same printed on the bottle. But i did find that they have a very large selection of country wines. But back to the mead.
It was a very full bodied mead. And very sweet. So sweet it makes my teeth hurt. After opening it, it lasted longer then any open bottle of mead in my house has ever been around. It had a very disticnt mead taste to it.
I have a habit of checking the gravity of all commercial meads i buy, and this one came in at about 1070!!! With only 11% alcohol. It seems to me that it was fermented out to be a very dry mead. And then they added alot more honey to sweeten and give it body. I felt more like i was drinking a mead must rather then a finshied mead. Overall i wasn't thrilled. But it was cheap and at the time i couldn't afford the bottle next to it going for $18 this one was only $11. I already had an armful of belgian beers and lambics. I won't buy thier mead again but i would try one of their other wines.
So my 2 cents is. If you see this at the store. Buy the more expensive mead on the shelf next to it... lol