View Full Version : My yeast test

11-07-2004, 10:13 PM
Anyone else get their yeast tests going this weekend?

About 18 lbs Fase Apiaries wildflower honey
2 tsp each yeast nutrient and energizer
Water to 5 gals
OG 1.118

Split into 5 1 gal jugs.
Yeast was rehydrated in warm water, and pitched into jugs:
a - 71B-1122
b - 71B-1122 (I've used this batch of yeast 5 times now, this is to see differences from straight out of the package)
c - D47
d - RC212
e - Montrachet

All were fermenting nicely yesterday. Luckily not too much foam from any of them, since I didn't leave a whole lot of headspace.