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11-23-2004, 09:41 AM
Me again!
Thanks to all the advice, I think things are going very well. The taste tests are proving that the flavor is excellent (to my liking, anyway!) and everything is merrily bubbling.
I had a citrus mead that needed to be racked into a clean carboy last night. No problem, until I realized that my first "gallon" was a bit bigger than the clean one, and I was left with about 600ml of mead hastily transferred into a clean wine bottle. I did not know what to do, it was getting late, so I put the extra in the fridge overnight with a cloth to plug it.. 24h later, the yeast is all settled at the bottom, the top is nice and clear. Tasted it, and the
flavor would be great, if not for a definite yeasty taste. But then again, this is young, only 18 days fermenting. Density (OG) is at 1010. It should contain about 16% alcool right now (it sure had a kick at the taste!). It could use some more fermenting, I think.
The original container is now clean, should I just pour it all
back in it, including my now refrigerated portion? I just don't
want to damage the rest of the mead in progress. Or should I just stabilized my "leftover" and bottle it?
Thanks for helping!

Louise the ferretlady

11-23-2004, 09:52 AM
Hi ferretlady,
Personally, I would not rack it again and add the excess in the larger carboy. The part with the lees is a bit more yeasty than the rest. Adding it would not be an improvement. That is your reward. Siphon off the lees and leave in refrigerator. Drink it at your leisure. Also, I would not want it to continue to ferment. SG 1.010 is a BRIX of 3 which is semi-sweet. If it goes dryer with all that alcohol, it will be harsh for a while unless thats the way you like it and plan to age it a year first. Just my opinion.