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12-17-2005, 10:48 PM

I've been wanting to make a batch of my own mead (preferably the sweet sack kind) and happened to ruin Christmas today. Why couldn't I listen to my girlfriend as well as she listened to me? The fact of the matter is, is that I live in NW Alberta, Canada and mead is kind of "scarce 'round these parts". However, there happens to be a liqour store in the city that imports all sorts of booze from all around the world... listed by country too... Well there happened to be only 3 bottle of Bären Met there and I just happened to get an advance from my new job so I decided I was going to try mead for the first time to decide if I really want to make it or not (you know all the cool old warrior dudes drank the shit) Well... when I walked into the store I asked them if they had any, they replied only 3 but that they were spoken for, for the holidays. The clerk looked at the dissapointed look on my face (it was the first cheque that I received from the new job I just got and I wanted to buy us something nice) and decided to sell me a bottle. When I went back to the car, my girlffriend just sstarted chewing me out. Turn out that the person that reserved those bottles was her, and that was to be my xmas present (I've only been talking about making mead with her for the past 4 months though). Well naturally, I felt like shit. But after a bottle and making up I feel fine.

Merry Christmas to all......

12-18-2005, 01:06 AM
Welcome to the Forum OmicronDelta!

Hope the mead was as good as the making up. LOL. Just remember that one mead does not represent all meads anymore than one wine represents all wines. I can almost guarantee you that with the help of this forum you will be brewing mead that puts the bottle you bought to shame.