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02-14-2006, 02:25 AM
I just want to post a hearty *THANKS* to all the volunteers who worked so long and hard to bring the Int. Mead Festival to its very successful showing this year. The efforts that all (both here and all around the country) who put this massive effort on every year are greatly appreciated, and I just want to extend my gratitude.

For all who may not be familiar, the IMA is staffed *entirely* by volunteers, who leave their jobs and families to come to run this thing. Many come in months in advance to do setup and coordination. Dozens of people in and around Boulder work 2 and 3 jobs to make sure all gets done.

All the speakers are volunteers, and many bring their own props (like Ken Schramm, who donated several bottles of wine for tasting at his seminar this year).

Because of the dedication of the people in our industry, we can bring in 'big names' like Ken (we're not worthy .....and you can stop rolling your eyes now, Ken), and people like White Labs, Makana Meadery and Intermiel Meadery. The talks this year were phenomenal, and much was learned.

The volunteers stuffed envelopes, hauled dozens of boxes all over everywhere, and made sure everyone had a place to set up and show their wares for us to drink. They made calls, got sponsors and talked to hundreds of people with questions.

A big thanks to David Myers of Redstone Meadery, who funds the effort every year up front, and hopes we break even (we haven't yet, btw, but we're getting there).

Also, claps and kudos to the GM-IMA Hobby Committee volunteers, who defied all odds, managed to juggle together the IMA Home-Meadmaking Competition in record time, and who worked hard to make it all happen. We did it, folks! You guys did us proud, and I'm honored to call you friends.

There are too many people to thank them all individually, you know who you are.

Vicky - who will end this year's efforts with stuffing envelopes with results and medals tomorrow, then start on the '97 Festival prep

02-14-2006, 05:54 AM
A couple of quick additional thanks:

Special thanks to Deborah Lee and Marie Bird-Struckman.

Marie coordinated the judging and managed the stewards for each of the Commercial Mead Competition judging flights. I don't think I've ever worked with a more pleasant, efficient, abiding and downright great group of stewards and table captains anywhere, ever before. Marie kept things moving and made sure everything we needed was provided. She was very kind to compliment the judges and say that they were some of the top mead judges in world.

Deborah coordinated the receipt, confirmation, logistical, physical and overall complete management of the Home Meadmaker's Competition entries from across the nation. Since we had 212 entries that meant that she had to wrangle 700 or more bottles of mead and make sure that they were all accounted for, and in their place. Not only did she move them from the reciept point to the hotel and her place, but she also managed to arrange the creation of the Best of Show Chalice that went to the best of show winner. Gntlknight and Mrs. Gntlknight.

Ok, spread the love!

Thanks again Marie, Deborah and all of the wonderful volunteers who did an outstanding job at the festival.

Thanks Ladies,


02-14-2006, 09:59 AM
Vicky - who will end this year's efforts with stuffing envelopes with results and medals tomorrow, then start on the '97 Festival prep

Heh, '97 Festival? You still sippin' enough wine to travel back in time Vicky?

I have to agree with the sentiments of both Vicky and Oskaar. The dedication to the festival by a group of people who don't owe anyone anything is amazing. I would also like to thank the gentleman (sorry I forget his name at the moment) from the Boulder Outlook who was the Meadfest's contact point. Sure he was getting paid, but the man was EVERYWHERE and not once did I see him so much as roll his eyes at any of our requests.