View Full Version : plum & pear mead if i need to fix this i need to do it quick?

02-22-2006, 01:32 AM
made a plum pear melomel sunday night
15 lbs of local honey
7 lbs plums
7 lbs pears
pectic enzyme for 5 gallons
forma k for 5 gallons
2 pks lavlin 71b-1122

the fuit took up to much space in the primary so i juiced it i had about 3 inches in the bottom of the bucket
i put the honey on the stove heated it to 130 with 3 gallons of water
mixed in 2 more gallons water yeast nutrient(forma k) and pectic enzyme
sarted the yeast following the insructions
every thing went great i thought after studiing my notes i realized i added 1 gallon of water to many
so now my forma k dose was shy as well as my pectic enzyme and the amount of honey i ment to add
the only thing saving me might be the friut
the og measurement was 1.083 to 1.085 at the temp of 83 degrees before pitching yeast

do i need to add any thing or am i ok ? the air lock is bubbling steadily


02-22-2006, 03:37 AM
The mead calculator ( http://www.gotmead.com/making-mead/mead-calculator.shtml ) shows you sitting at about 11% potential alcohol. Unless you want a really dry mead (which isn't a bad thing), you need to add more honey. How much is up to you.

If I'm reading right, you added 15 pounds honey, the juice from the fruit, and 5 gallons of water. Most recipes state things like "water to 5 gallons" which would make the total volume 5 gallons, but that can be fixed next time. For now toy around with the mead calculator to figure out either what SG you want to be at or what %PA. If you add honey and mix it in your must and take SG readings that way, keep in mind that fermentation is under way and the SG of the must now is NOT what you started at. For instance, do not raise the SG to 1.140 if that was your desired OG. Instead, take a current gravity reading, subtract it from 1.083 (or 1.085). Then subtract that number from your original desired OG - this will be the SG you need to raise the must to.


OG 1.083
Current SG after some fermentation: 1.075
1.083 - 1.075 = 0.008
Desired OG: 1.140
1.140 - 0.008 = 1.132
Raise the SG to 1.132 to get an OG of 1.140

Just an example, so don't pay attention to the numbers, but you get the idea.